37 Weight loss tips

Weight loss tip 1:
Measure your waist. For women, your waist should be less than 32 inches, for men, less than 37 inches.

Weight loss tip 2:
Have a good look at your eating habits. The best way to do this is to keep a food diary. Here is link to the online: http://weigh2live.safefood.eu/planandtrack/tools/diary.asp

Weight loss tip 3:
Eat a piece of fruit before lunch or dinner. This will help you eat a little less and counts as 1 of your 5 a day.

Weight loss tip 4:
Learn to say no. Don’t accept every invitation to dinner and drinks. Suggest activities like a weekend hike or dance lessons.

Weight loss tip 5:
Beware! Supermarkets often offer discounts on treat foods if you buy them in bulk. Keep away from these discounts: If you buy more, you will eat more!

Weight loss tip 6:
Careful how you cook! Switch to steaming, boiling and baking to cook food rather than frying or roasting to reduce your fat intake!

Weight loss tip 7:
If you take a bus to work, get off one stop early and walk the rest of the way.

Weight loss tip 8:
Have a clear SMART goal; make it Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely.

Weight loss tip 9:
Use a smaller plate. Most people use a very large dinner plate, which normally results in far too much food being eaten. Unless you are doing two or three hours exercise every day, you don’t need a big plate.

Weight loss tip 10:
Never fill your stomach when you eat; always leave some room. You will stop feeling hungry long before you feel full. ‘Filling’ your stomach means you are eating too much.

Weight loss tip 11:
Eating out this weekend? Eat a small, healthy snack a couple of hours before your meal to make sure you are not tempted to eat everything in sight.

Weight loss tip 12:
Shop with a list. This will stop you buying food on impulse.

Weight loss tip 13:
Find a friend. Getting support is a huge part of successfully losing weight. A weight loss buddy will help you stay motivated and give you company
along the way.

Weight loss tip 14:
Confusing hunger with thirst? Try drinking more water to prevent snacking in between meals.

Weight loss tip 15:
If you have little time to spare, remember that three short 10- minute bouts of physical activity built into your day will all add up.

Weight loss tip 16:
Get the whole family involved; our Little Steps website where you will find a step by step guide to eating well and being active for you and your family.

Weight loss tip 17:
Switch to wholegrain; try swapping white bread and rice to wholegrain alternatives. You’ll feel fuller for longer.

Weight loss tip 18:
Don’t let a rainy day stop you from being active. Put on the rain jacket and get moving.

Weight loss tip 19:
Reward yourself, but instead of indulging in chocolate, sweets or crisps buy a new book or spend some time catching up with friends.

Weight loss tip 20:
Choose low fat alternatives of dairy products wherever possible or use smaller amounts of stronger tasting cheeses.

Weight loss tip 21:
Head down to your local pharmacy and pick up a free tape measure. For women, your waist should be less than 32 inches, for men, less than 37 inches.

Weight loss tip 22:
Learn to read food labels, and take advantage of information that will help you make healthy shopping choices. Compare like for like products and choose those that are lower in fat, salt and sugar.

Weight loss tip 23:
Snack on fruit and vegetables between meals. They are naturally low in fat and may distract you from snacking on higher fat foods.

Weight loss tip 24:
Watch what you drink! Drinking sugary drinks has been associated with obesity. Water is the best thirst quencher but if you really want a fizzy drink try unsweetened fruit juice diluted with sparkling water instead.

Weight loss tip 25:
Choose lean cuts of meat and trim off any excess fat before cooking. Small servings of lean meat deliver all the nutrients you need and you save money on the extra weight!

Weight loss tip 26:
Keep an activity diary. It’ll make you aware of how much exercise you’re getting and help you to make improvements. Fill in your activity diary for a week and then focus on where you might fit in more.

Weight loss tip 27:
Slipping? Don’t lose focus stay positive and find out what went wrong and plan how to get back on track.

Weight loss tip 28:
Reassess your goals, every week review your previous goals and make new ones once you have reached your target.

Weight loss tip 29:
Dining out? see our weigh2live website for some tips on how to make healthy choices when eating out http://weigh2live.safefood.eu/eatwell/tips/eatingout/

Weight loss tip 30:
Eat slowly! Enjoy your meal and the company. Give your body the time to give you the signal that you are satisfied. Otherwise you may overeat.

Weight loss tip 33:
Go for vegetable, chicken or fish dishes over fattier meat dishes and avoid creamy sauces in favor of tomato-based sauces.

Weight loss tip 34:
You are more likely to buy treat foods when you are hungry and feel low in energy, so try to avoid shopping on an empty stomach. A good tip is to drink some water or buy a piece of fruit to munch on as you go.

Weight loss tip 35:
Adapt your favorite recipes to reduce fat, sugar, salt, calories and increase fiber without changing your normal diet radically.

Weight loss tip 36:
Choose snacks that are packaged in individual portions to stop you from overeating.

Weight loss tip 37:
Start off slowly building at least 30 minutes of activity into your day and increase this gradually to 60-90 minutes over time.