5 Hazards of Wearing High Heels

High heels can make any outfit look glamorous or polished, but those heels are hazardous to your health. Beyond achy feet, there are several consequences for looking great in heels. Here are a few.

Joint pain is certainly a consequence

Despite being able to add inserts or any added cushioning, heels really don’t provide any significant shock absorption. That means that the shock of your foot hitting the floor is sent straight up your foot and leg to your ankles, knees and hips.

What’s more, high heeled shoes keep your foot straight and unable to bend naturally. This keeps the foot from rotating as it is designed to do. That lack of cushioning in the shoe can also cause the natural cushioning in the balls of your feet to wear away. Over a period of time that can cause pain in the balls of your feet.

Your achilles tendon

Heels also shorten up your achilles tendon. This is a permanent physiological change to your body if you wear heels all the time. The achilles heel includes the muscles and tendons around the ankles. If they shorten it will cause great pain and stretching when wearing flats or walking barefoot.

Lower back pain

Wearing heels can also cause lower back pain, especially if you have to stand in them for hours at a time. This is because heels actually change your posture so that your pelvis is pushed forward while walking or standing. This causes pain in the lower back over prolonged periods.

Of course there is also the lack of balance that can cause falls and sprained ankles!

So keep your heels, but wear flats more often. Your feet, joints and back will thank you.

Source: http://ptspecialized.com/5-hazards-of-wearing-high-heels/