9 Tips For Healthy Eyes

Whatever we enjoy be it food, places, or things, we first enjoy with our eyes. To have a healthy vision is a blessing that cannot be taken lightly. Just shut your eyes for a minute and you will realize just how much of our living we do with our eyes. We take such great care of the rest of our body all with exercises and asanas but somehow we ignore our eyes. These, too need a conscious effort from our end to protect and maintain them. Here are a few tips for healthy eyes:

  • Eat Healthy Food

Can this be stressed enough? Eat your green leafy vegetables and add more fruit to your diet. What’s natural is what is good for your eyes. So add the spinach to your salad and have that apple instead of a bag of chips. Fish is especially beneficial for the eyes. Have twice a week for best results.

  • Beauty Sleep

Surprised? Yes, beauty sleep does feature in tips for healthy eyes! Apart from doing wonders for your skin and hair, adequate sleep will work like a charm for your eyes. The night owls should take note of this. Resting your eyes at night will ensure their vitality for longer.

  • Regular Eye-checkups

Here is another reason not to shirk that visit to the doctor. Regular checkups ensure that you will catch the problem in its infancy. Every six months get your eyes tested without fail. This is an important tip for healthy eyes.

  • Avoid Alcohol and Smoking

Smoking and drinking dry out the ocular tissues. They tend to damage the eye muscles making you susceptible to an earlier onset of cataract, glaucoma and other eye problems.

  • Style and Substance

Sunglasses, apart from increasing your style quotient protect your eyes from sunlight and UV rays. Avoid venturing out if the light is too strong. If you are into swimming, ensure that you jump in the pool only after wearing your swimming goggles.

  • Exercise

When you exercise regularly, the heart pumps blood to all organs, including the eyes. More oxygen and higher volume of blood to them makes them healthy and fit.

  • Rest While You Work

Everything is done digitally these days. Take regular gaps between working and rest your eyes by shutting them for some time. The glare from the computer and phone screens is particularly tiresome and can cause severe eye fatigue.

  • Dry Air, Goodbye

Aim the air conditioner vents in your car and in your room away from your eyes. Dry air is really harmful to your eyes and can even cause your cornea to tear. While the eyes have the ability to repair these tears over a period of time but continually exposing your peepers to dry air could even lead to blindness.

  • Clean Your Eyes

Before you crash out for the night, don’t forget to clean out eye makeup, even your kohl. Minute pieces of makeup can prove to be a nuisance for your eyes and can even cause abrasions. Wash them with cold water before you retire to bed.