Defeat Illness With Plants You Probably Have At Home | 8 Things you Didn’t Know your Plants Can Do

Did you have any idea how many health benefits humble plants can have? Apart from looking pretty and cleaning the air, some plants have amazing qualities that improve our well-being, happiness and even health.

NASA has published a study featuring all of the best air-cleaning plants. Surprisingly, some of the most common plants are able to remove toxic substances from the air, without any help from artificial cleaning agents.

The research was first intended for use on space station as a way of cleaning air naturally and was later extended with detailed observations about what plants removed which pollutants from the air.

Apart from cleaning the air, plants have also a lot of unknown benefits. A study which was observing workplace practices for 10 years concluded that productivity of employees is increased by 15% by simply placing few houseplants in the environment.

Plants and herbs are becoming very popular as natural beauty treatment and replacement for products filled with chemicals. Plants have been used outdoor to reduce noise from busy roads, but recent research indicates that plants also help to reduce background noise inside buildings.

study carried out in Norway indicates that indoor plants decrease the incidence of dry skin, colds, sore throats and dry coughs.

Are you impressed as much as we are? We have rounded up the top surprising benefits of house plants in this handy infographic, brought to you by